A custom uniform selection is an effective way to promote your organization’s image while ensuring appropriate, compliant workwear for your employees.

How It Works

Our uniform rental program is an essential way to have your uniforms cleaned, repaired and replaced on a regular basis. At the beginning of your uniform program, each wearer is assigned a set number of garments based on the number of days worked per week. Our Route Sales and Service Representative will pick up, inspect for repairs, and order appropriate changes to your garments during each delivery. The following week, garments are returned as cleaned, repaired, altered and exchanged as needed.

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Drive professionalism to the next level with our high-quality automotive uniforms, tailored for comfort and durability, ensuring your team looks sharp and performs at their best, leaving a lasting impression on every customer.

Empower your workforce with our premium manufacturing uniforms, expertly designed for safety, functionality, and a polished appearance, enabling your team to work efficiently and represent your brand with pride.

Elevate your company’s image with our sophisticated executive uniforms, exuding professionalism and authority, tailored to showcase leadership and make a great impression on your customers and colleagues.

Serve up excellence with our stylish and practical food service uniforms, designed to enhance your team’s presentation and functionality, ensuring a seamless dining experience for both staff and guests.

Stay safe and seen with our enhanced visibility uniforms, featuring high-visibility fabrics and reflective accents, providing the utmost safety and peace of mind in any low-light or hazardous work environment.

Protect your team from potential hazards with our premium flame-resistant uniforms, expertly crafted to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring confidence and peace of mind in high-risk work environments.

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